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Writer recognition with LiVito

Presentation of the paper “LiViTo: a software tool for the evaluation of linguistic and visual features of handwritten texts”.

At Qurator 2020 – Conference on Digital Curation Technologies (Berlin, January 20-21, 2020), the paper LiViTo: a software tool to assess linguistic and visual features of handwritten texts was presented by Aleksej Tikhonov (Humboldt University Berlin) and Klaus Müller (MFB MusterFabrik Berlin) at the Session Applications, Evaluations, and Experiences in Applying Digital Curation Technologies.

In their paper, Tikhonov and Müller present LiViTo – a tool designed to support researchers in the analysis of handwritten historical documents, combining insights from linguistics with computer vision techniques. Czech language manuscripts from the 18th century from Bohemian-Rixdorf in Berlin served as reference material.

The paper can be read on Semantic Scholar: